Aug 06, 2017

Am I bisexual?

As a bisexual, his or her romantic or sexual attractions don't have to depend on his or her sexual orientation. It mainly depends on your thoughts about whether you like men and women. If you really meet the criteria, you can call you bisexual. bisexual dating

Sometimes you don't have to completely care about everyone's suggestion about whether you are bisexual, you date girl or date boy or have a 3some date, because some of them encoutered the situation they failed when it comes to they figured out their sexual orientation. Therefore when the messy messages from the surrounding rushed to you, you have to keep calm to think twice seriously. Remember that if you are bisexual, there is noting for you to prove, no requirement to "keep" your bisexuality. Meanwhile sexual orientation probably changed because of the cultural environment of the surrounding. So you just do yourself, follow your step.

There is no right, no wrong, no better or worse sexuality: If you are gay, that's wonderful.
If you are lesbian, that's wonderful.
If you are straight, that's wonderful.
If you are bisexual, of course, that's wonderful too.

As a bisexual, that's only wrong thing you do is to be untrue to yourself and copy life of other's as computer. Keep remember that you are not computer, you are human, you have thoughts, nor copy. You are lesbian, or gay, or bisexual, that's OK, just do yourself and enjoy your real sexuality. That's your life and you have the right to enjoy this nice life. Make it wonderful.


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