Aug 06, 2017

Bi Kiss

Sexual atrraction strongly depends on who you like and what your REAL oreintation is. Kiss is important symbolic to identify whether you are Bi. When one's hot kiss falls on lips of homosexual, then you will find that the one maybe a gay or lesbian, perhaps a bisexual, but if the opposite is true, the one must a heterosexuality. In fact bi kiss is completely different from gay or lesbian kiss. Bisexual perfers to date girls and boys, although comfused, having a nice bisexual dating on the beautiful beach. Bi kiss occurs when it comes to their spirits reached the vertex, bi woman or bi man affectionately kiss lovers, not one, the feeling is like entering heaven, only happiness and pleasure. Just like kiss can be able to the soul of one, bi kiss gives bisexual more self-confidence and power of come out. bisexual women

That's not easy to publicly say to your parents and friends that you are bi, but just a simple and lovely bi kiss may pass the imformation what you wanna say. The bi kiss is really important significance for explain what your oreintation is. The follow sharing stroies about bi kiss of a few bi.

Andrew Jone,bi man, 32, from Toronto in Canada

"When I kissed my wife and another boy at the same time, My mom and my friends have knew that I'm bisexual. However I was difficult to tell the truth to my mom and friends before that, as so that I was hiding. I came out Until my mom and friends see the bi kiss. It's really grateful to bi kiss."

Ezalia Smith,bi woman, 34, from Atlanta in USA

"My husband and me are both bi, and we have ever tried to come out and failed. From then on we alway hiddened the truth of that we are bisexual, and we can't tell our parent's and bro and sisters although we have a threesome dating with another bisexual. But one time our parent's met that we were kissing another bi at our home, it's so embarrasing. But considering that there is one at home, mom and father didn't disturb us. After a few day we pick up the phone of mom, she told us she and father both respect us, no matter what our orientation is, we are pride."

Georgia St. Jodan, bi single, 22, from Perth in Australia

"I was born in a single parent family, mom died in a traffic accident when I was three years old. A boy and a nice girl broke into my life at the same time, and I love both of them, it's a happy and timid time, I can't tell my dad that I'm bi. Then I went to colloge, I took my lovers to my house and I kiss them in front of my dad, he is so angry and Rushed me out. I've never went to home from then on."

Bi kiss is just like magic which brings us happiness and a lot of memory.


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